Jin Hong's Birthday

Today is the day where we were invited to Jin Hong’s birthday buffet and Orchard Cafe at Orchard Hotel.

Meet up with Hao Meng at around 5pm and Jaryl at around 6pm then we went for a walk and i think we walk for too long and we are a bit late… Walk/Run from Somerset MRT to Orchard MRT ( at least this is what I am told ), raining cats and dogs ( I cannot spell driziling ar… ) and upon reaching the place, I saw “teacher”. Walked to Orchard Hotel and wondered around… Manage to find the place in the end with the birthday boy’s help.

Quite a lot are early ( or we are late ) except for Yao De’s gang. I ate quite a lot but unlike others, I cannot drink alcohol so XO, 13.5% alcohol-content wine is out of my eating area but nevertheless it is for the better good! 🙁

Eat and eat and eat then we have the “Yam… Same” section. CH really said it very loudly, haha. I have to use water in place of alcohol (以水代酒). Followed soon by photo-taking section and happy birthday-singing session. Its very fun to look at the whole thing where they tried to play with Jin Hong and ask him to do some moves (定式) and take photo with the cake. After the cake is blown out with a cute boy by Jin Hong, he was supposed to bite the candle out of the cake ( it was pushed into the cake by someone to play this game).

The candle-blowing session was made in a very “fun” mode when a small cute boy said “I want to blow the candle as well.” then Jin Hong carried him and blow the candle together and the boy made a cute… “woooo” sound. As for Jin Hong, in order for him to pull the candle out of the cake, he is supposed to do some balancing moves.

Ate the cake and slack there talking. On my table, there is Kai Lun, Jun An, “teacher”, Yan De, Yao De, Jaryl, Hao Meng and Chang Hen. They played a drinking game with Jin Hong at the end where I took the most pictures of it. The whole event ended in a very very nice mode.

I know pictures speaks louder than words but my Adobe Photoshop isn’t installed back yet and all the pictures I took is a bit too dark. I will do a second blog post when I have them ready. 😀 There is one picture excursively taken for limguohong.com haha.

Happy Birthday, Jin Hong. Enjoy your 21st birthday.

Cya then, school tomorrow morning.

p.s: This is not really releated to Jin Hong’s birthday but…. Speech by Tharman for 7th Wushu Display