Its been a long time since I blog.

大家好, 好久不见.

我好久没有 blog 了。 哈哈。我也不知为什么我今天会想用华文和英文来 blog。因为我所知道的汉语拼音不多所以这华语都听起来的想知道更多请看我用英文所 blog 的。

今天真的好累阿! 很早的时候, 我 9.30am 就去宏伟的家。我们说好一起去剪头发。
剪好头发后,我们一起去吃了早餐。过后, 我们一起去了武总因为我须要帮我的武术朋友买2007年全国武术观摩会的门票。宏伟就去了武术练习。

我去了Plaza Singapura 和 Clarke Quay 走走去过后来我倒回武总去找宏伟去买皮包。

告诉你一的秘密、因为我的汉语拼音不好,所以我花了要20分钟来打这华文字! 哈


Wow, it certainly took me very long to type it in chinese even though it is such a summarised one. HAHA.

I woke up at 9.00am as I have to meet Hong Wei for a haircut at 9.30am. I was late but well we made an appointment with the Hair cutter at 10.00am so it was all fine. I had a good haircut I guess. Decided not to do inner cut, haha. We went opposide side wanting to eat pig organ breakfast but eh, no place to sit so went to a Malay/ Indian shop to eat Roti Prata. Ordered 2 plain while Hong Wei ordered 1 plain and 1 egg. We ordered tea as our drink. It is very cheap only $4.40. :D. Went to buy some pimple cream with Hong Wei and I went back home afterwhich. It is at late 11.30am already.

We met again at around 12.20am going to the wushu federation. I go there to buy tickets for my school’s juniors as we ask if they are interested in watching the demo. Bought a total of 6 tickets but I am not sitting with them as I already got mine from wufang. Saw Yu Juan but she doesn’t seem to happy, when she asked ( well, she didn’t ask but she meant to ) me to carry a bag of bag yet I look at her with a weird look. Well I think i shouldn’t hold what is suppose to give to their coach…She is a cheerful person yet she seem sad this afternoon. I being a man not offering help, make me feel quite bad… I am sorry anyway… Hong Wei and me went to buy…. socks. He forgets to bring for training… ARR. I then went to PS and Clarke Quay for a walk. I saw coach Wen Yeow there, wanted to greet him but he went missing when I went downstairs to find him. Saw this Apple Authorized Reseller shop and went in to look at the MacBook. To be honest, I am not very impressed by the design of the keyboard of MacBook but I think I shall get an Apple Laptop, Macbook or Macbookpro when Mac OS X Leopard ( is it called like this? ) is out so I can run Window and Mac together. I am still not confident in running a totally unknown OS.

Went back to the wushu federation to meet up with Hong Wei to buy wallet. Went Kovan then Hougang Mall. Guess who I saw at Hougang Mall? Ryan, a wufang kid who I always talk to, at Hougang Mall with his Dad. I am very surprised as he who lives at Jurong came to Hougang to buy things? Haha. Bought a new wallet, haha!

I heard something very meaningful today. I shall type this out tomorrow as I am very tired today.  😛