I respect this Malay girl.

On the way to Chinese Garden MRT Station today, I saw this Malay girl who i think is around 25 years old doing this Chinese worksheet. If you take a quick look at what she had done. Out of 10 questions, I think 6-7 are wrong.

The fact remains as she is a Malay yet she tries her best to do a Chinese worksheet despite her mistakes. I know of Chinese who doesn’t even try to do a Chinese worksheet and says he hates Chinese. Its disgracing to Chinese. I admit that Chinese is not a subject as easy as English to handle but you should always try your best. I am not talking about students from CLB and do not take any offend please, i know a lot of you are trying your best and keep that up.

Its okay to not like Chinese language but its another issue to hate Chinese language. There may be one day where more non-Chinese knows Chinese better than the Chinese….. I respect this girl a lot.


Its a good learning experience today there. I learnt a lot.