Chinese Saying

Those that has come to my house before should notice that my house has a lot of Chinese saying hang up by my mother from her drama show. Let me quote some of them here with English translation.

所谓的人在以自己为世界的中心时,只看得到自己。只要懂的退一步, 看到的便不再是自己而是别人
-If a human being assumes himself as the center of the world, he can only see himself. Only if he knows how to move back 1 step, will he see not only himself but others as well.

-Human should work towards what he believe in as there is nothing that cannot be done.

-Don’t because of fear makes you not doing anything. Don’t because of facing difficulties make you give up.

-If you are concerned with your own injury, you should turn back and see what you have done to others.

-If you are worried about disappointment, you shouldn’t have hold a hope in the first place.