7th National Wushu Display 2007

During the 6th National Wushu Display, my school Wushu team was involved in the performance with Singapore Hui Hwa Pugilistic Association and we performed the “Hong Jia Gun” (洪家棍). It was a wonderful performance and I cannot forget the performance by Tao Nan Primary School, China Wushu team and the ending night “Dragon Dance” (舞龙). 2 years later…..I am not involved in the performance but I went to see the performance with my school and Wufang. Got a good ticket from Wufang. Block A14 Row 4… It was pretty in front and get a clear view. Today, there was some wonderful performance as well.

Wufang kid and me…. I cannot spell his name. :p
It starts with the zi xuan lion dance performance, its really nice. They combined technology with lion dance and its damn nice. Done by Nan Xian (南仙) [Sorry if I spell it wrong]. The whole performance was great. Imagine using laptop to cause minor explosion and the standing “kuang” fall. The next performance is Tao Nan Quan By Tao Nan Primary School, its nice. 😀 The next unforgettable performance is the performance by the China Team. I was surprised when I saw Yang Yu Hong, he is from Shang Hai team, in there.Went around the stadium trying to find the book sale but i didn’t manage to. Sigh..I saw Cui Ya Hui, coach of Beijing wushu women’s team, and wanted to take a photo with him but I forget to… -.- but nevertheless i tried to find Yang Yu Hong and took a photo with him as a memory.


Yi Ming and Yang Yu Hong

Guo Hong and Yang Yu Hong

He is a very very friendly guy! 😀