Its been a long time since I really blog.

To come up with a good post, it always take time and effort ( for my case ) to make one.

Lets see, I will start with what happen during the National Wushu Championship.

Day 1
We have Nan Quan, Chang Quan if I am not wrong. Zhi Yong got a 4th, his Nan Quan is great that day. Ren Zoe, Brian and a few other guys also compete in their chang quan and Brian got a 1st. Congrats.

Day 2
Jaryl, Hao Meng got 1st in 2nd Sword and 2nd CQ and xiaohei got 3rd in his zi xuan dao… sigh now I owe him stuffs. Zhe Wei also compete in 4duan Qiang. Shen Huan, Benjamin, Zhen Wei compete in jian and broadsword. They in fact did quite well but they didn’t win. Kudos to them. 🙂 The zai zai Yi Ming got a 3rd in his jian shu lea. Don’t play play. Congrats. Ying Qing, the emperor, did extremely well in his CQ and jian shu but seems like he is too nervous while doing jian. I didn’t manage to catch KC and Grabiel’s Nan Dao though. Thats all I remember for Day 2 actually.

Day 3
It starts off with Zi Xuan Chang Quan. Hong Wei have to withraw as his legs are really swollen. It was a wonderful event. After an interval, we have jin sai qiang shu. People from wufang did wonderfully good. Yao De won 2nd and Marvin got a 4th here. Congrats to Yi Liang and Ying Qing as well. The emperor is good and you guys did great. Li Jun then won her jun sai qiang shu with Melisa 4th. In Gun Shu, Chrystella ( I think I spell it right? ) did quite well getting a 4th. Zhang Qian’s Gun damn zai and got a 1st. In Gun Shu Zi Xuan tao lu, the match was quite slow and it was a waste that Yi Yang’s gun cracked towards the 2nd half of his routine. To be honest, I missed Ren Zoe’s Dao Shu. :p Zhe Wei and Jonathan has do well in their jian shu as well.

Sorry for the bad English. I am watching Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo while typing this. That show is a mysterious show that is pretty nice. Worth a look.

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