Feel sorry for my knee

I am not sure what happen but there is certainly something wrong, very wrong, with my knee. I am having my prelim this 3 weeks and it means I have to sit inside the exam hall for 2 hours long to 3 hours per day. You know when you sit in there for too long, no matter how focused you are, you will sure move your body, legs and hands around to… “warm up”. For the last 4 papers, without fail, I just stretch both of my legs, I will hear a “Crack” sound. Its not pain which I feel lucky about. Seems like my softbone has worn out as what Mr Ho had said. For some reason, I feel that the Physics paper today is pretty easy, eh…. alright, I am random…

Normally when you walk at home after every training, you will hear your ankles (both) giving the “crack” sound on every steps you walk. You will tend to ignore it like me, right? Ever wonder what really happen inside? Haha.. Just some bull-shitting here which is actually true, me and Hong Wei is quite bo liao la, we listen to our knee last time during training and it gives a weird sound. Like when your hungry and the sound given by stomach. Thats the sound I heard from my knee and his knee. My knee is not injured badly and never had suffered any bad injuries before but the fact that my knee has been “talking” to me is a signal already,
I should take care of it.

I am wushu-deprived ( used what my friend used ).

I want to jump higher.
I want to kick faster.
I want to do my movement faster.

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