Youth and Racial Harmony Day Carnival

Montfort Secondary School have its Youth and Racial Harmony Day Carnival on the 20th July 2007. Like every other years, different classes have to come up with different ideas to rise funds. To be honest, I am not too sure where all the earning will go to but with Mr Simen around. I can assured you that it will be put into good use.The day started at 7.50am. Unusually early for us, we have a morning assembly and we took our pledge in English (3 days before Friday, we have our pledge in different languages ) and we also have our National Religion Creed ( I think that was called National Religion Creed ) and we later all assembled in the hall. The hall assembly started solemnly with Mr. Loyl Yeo leading the Committee of teachers who have their own religions and pray for the school in different religions. Later we were shown 2 videos of Montfort homestay project which featured Willy, my junior at wushu. Montfort Homestay Project is aimed to allow students of different races to understand one another better through staying at one another’s home. At the end of that presentation, people in their ethinic costume were up on stage, there were about 10 of them with one of them from my class, Rohith Miser. A short introduction were done on different type of costumes and later they had a “competition” to see who wins the best dress’ed up award. Of Course, Rohith won. We later have the carnival.

Winner, Rohith

The best of all should be the stall set up by the PSG, their food is pretty unique and nice, althought it is expensive. The other food stalls are quite repetative but there is one stall which I can never forget will be Wen Song’s food stall which sell the BBQ meat. It smeels REALLY great and a lot people wanted to buy from what I know but the waiting time is really too long. I took a quick walk around the game stall. There is one which you have to catch the marbles. That idea is quite unique to me.

There is Sepak Takraw game in the hall. The whole day really is fun

Miss Chai came back that day as well and we, 4E2, took photos shot with her. The beloved A.Math and Math teacher. It was around 12 noon when we all are gathered in the classroom when we got informed that Miss Chai is back in Montfort. The whole class get hyped up and all of us wanted to rushed down to the HOD room but was stopped by Mrs. Pereira as we might get her into trouble. 36 people in a HOD room? Haha. She came to our class and we have our short chat like we did with her at Newton Room before she left. Then later when we are dismissed, we saw her at the area outside the General Office so we decided to take a class photo with her.

Miss Chai and her standard movement. A teacher that I will never forget. She still care so much about her and the first thing she ask was about our exam and the timetable.

I have to leave early that day so I didn’t get the chance to talk with her more like my classmates did but I bid her goodbye. At least I will not regret.

A fruitful day indeed.