Valor@Montfort ( iMac Lab / eGaming Center ) Part 1

Today is the first day that the tickets for the Valor@Montfort are on sales! What is Valor@Montfort, some of you may ask. I did once said in my blogpost here( Montfort Secondary School in Digital Life) that Montfort will be opening a computer lab specially for the purpose of gaming.

My class happened to be the first class to be able to use the lab because of the SQC survey and the feel of that room is totally GREAT! Just yesterday, we have the NE “game” and we happen to go in again. Looking through the programs, I see a lot of the “in” games ( Sorry but I do not play games ) which I always hear my friends talk about. The computer is pretty fast to be honest and the space given to you is EVEN bigger than the computer’s lab itself.

What is Valor? As quoted from the presentation done by the 2 Montfortian Gentlemen, Valor also means Courage. Mr. Simen, principal of Montfort Secondary School, keeps saying ” Awaken the Montfortian Gaint in you” and this means to be courageous. The lab has been installed with 41 iMac and good aircons. There is also a cyber-wellness room which I did not see it personally yet but it is used for after every 1 hour of playing, you must take a rest in that room for 15 minutes.

$1.50 per hour isn’t too expensive but what is expensive is that students have to get signatures from all the teachers of that day. It may not be as easy as you think. There are still rules like if you have CCA on that day, you are not allowed to play and only the person who has bought the ticket can play and stuffs like this. They are pretty good and I think the people who are in charge of this has put in great effort!

There will be 3 slots for booking everyday and booking is priced at $1.50 per hour.

On Friday, which is tomorrow, it will be the official opening of the Valor@Montfort ( at 2 pm ), there will be some guests but I forget who are they. I know what EA sports, iMac Singapore’s director, iMac’s computer seller representative. Mr. Simen will be playing games along with other guys. It will be a fun event!

Like I say, $1.50 isn’t expensive and hence as typical Singaporean, there is a long Q, after school today, I see a really long Q outside the General Office

Perhaps I should try it one day.