I went to Republic Polytechnic the other day to train for the upcoming National Competition. Reached Woodlands at around 6pm which was in fact late and worse still reached the Poly at around 6.15pm…. I do not know the extact direction except that it was near Block 802 so I just wonder around asking people….. holding on to my spear.

Finally I reached RP and now, I saw the 7-11 which Coach Xue was talking about the other day but I do not know how to walk to their training place at all… I asked one of the store vendors and the 3 directions that she gave me in 3 different tries are wrong and finally I decided to ask another person, the sercuity guard of RP ( For your information, it took me quite a courage to ask her ). She said walked into the place then walk directly forward until you reach an escalator then turn right and walk escalator and turn right again and okay… maybe I am indeed a “Lu Chi”. Ha, I saw David there and finally went into the place. Jun An, Melissa, Jaryl, Bing Han, Daniella , Malvin ( spelling? ) and of course David was there.

Did the routine and drop my spear once… ARR. Didn’t perform up to my expected standard and had the 2 coaches shouting to get me to do my Bu Pu while doing the routine. The place is quite cold and made my warmup useless. Li Jun and Zhou Lao Shi came at around 7pm and soon we finished what we have to do petty fast. I really have to say that the wushu team from RP that their stamina is quite good… Saw Ying Qing and “Ex-Montfort De” there. My ending pose’s smile is GREAT. Who wants it? HAHA. My style, my way. Anyway………

After the training, I saw David doing CKFZT 360 and landed quite nicely. Suddenly I feel the urge to do a XZZT 360 there but eh, my body was petty weak at that time so I shall save it for the next time. Jun An then attempt to do CKF, he quite did it except for the fact that his leg is a bit bend before he landed which is a waste. I think he will be able to do it very soon. Talked to Ying Qing and the “Montfort De” alot and it seems like I will be competing with them in the upcoming competition in the same event. The atmosphere to train for competition there WAS very very good, how I wish my school has that atmosphere…..

I heard a joke before the lesson ends…
Coach: “Just now I saw a few people drop spear, it is dangerous and can dedut up to 0.5”
Student1 : “Wow, Rise price liao?”

Those who didn’t get the joke, it is saying about the rise of the GST.

He is good…. I feel endangered….