Broke up my spear and eh….

Am I unlucky or too lucky? I broke 2 spear in 4 days. 1st is on Saturday’s Wufang training and the second is on today. The first one is my competition spear which I used for my Interschool and the second one is my competition spear which I am GOING to use for my National’s.

I didn’t bring my first spear home but it is just the spear head broke up which happen to me before in school but now it is my spear broke into half. The move is at the first section of my routine where I am suppose to “Tan Qiang” and it just broke….. slowly. I was doing 1 duan being looked “under” the head coach who shall not be named at that time and suddenly Coach Xue come running “after” me. The whole thing is quite funny. Well quite sad cause it is a new spear where its GOOD, the smoothness without even “shaving” is one of the best I ever have. The flexibility isn’t as good as my old spear but nevertheless I am quite happy with it! This is the picture of it….. I am going to get another one from Coach Xin Ru…. sigh….

Reminds me of Wudi’s

But not so powerful. Wudi is a Beijing Wushu professional athlete. I respect and admire him a lot. I even made a fan site for him.

Some crap for ya, Naruto’s TKZT Haha

Good bye. 🙂 Chinese Oral in 2 days time.