Zhen Ling's Birthday

Haha, I finally make a WordPress category for Wufang. Anyway just now I went to orchard to “celebrate” Zhen Ling’s birthday. She is one of Wufang’s students.

Over the past 2 weeks, Ah Ong has been sms’ing some messages about the celebration of Zhen Ling’ birthday and who will be going and things like this. It is in between a lot of people’s Mid-Year Exam so I don’t expect a lot of those who went to Karen’s birthday to appear. ( Read more on Karen’s Birthday ) but to my surprise, or not. None of those I don’t expect them to do didn’t go. To put it more simple, people who I did not expect them to go really didn’t go at all and its all of them so I am like the odd one one but its fine since I really didn’t expect them to go and luckily there is Yan De, Yao De, Bing Han and Gim Hong. Endless laughter.

I am told to meet at 7pm at Wheelock Place‘s BordersTravel Section and I reach there at around 6.30pm. Its a bit too early but once bitten twice shy since I was late last time and made Jaryl wait for so long haha but this time I was early and read some interesting books about Google and Google Adsense ( although I was at the Travel Section, the computer section is just beside it ) and Gim Hong came and followed by I am not sure who anyway 5 females and 5 males, thats it. We write our birthday wishes on the “Birthday’s Card” which is a Soduku book. Creative, I shall call it. Kudos to the person who came up with this idea. Karen?

We went to Rice Table and upon entering it, it was….. dark. Quite dark. Ate some food and the fried Chicken Wings are nice, i kept eating it and Bing Han only know that there isn’t any left after talking for like 15 minutes? Speaking of this, I need to know if he is… Si Tu Bing Han, Ou Yang Bing Han, Lee Bing Han, Lim Bing Han, Tan Bing Han, Zhang Bin Han or Wang Bing Han. Lee Bing Han sounds the best but… lets go find out when I have the time so we ordered a total of 3 plates of Chicken wings, when we are eating the 3rd plate, Bing Han told me in Chinese…” You know like when you keep eating chicken wing like feel very tired” Its hard for me to phrase that in English but I really agree. My Jaws starts to get tired actually. Haha. At least I did not regret this time, we manage to take a few photos.

Bing Han and the gang had a bet that if one of the waiters who is a female at the restaurant is a Malay or Chinese. There are 2 female waiters there. I guess Malay along with Gim Hong, Bing Han while Yan De and Yao De guessed/ observed that she is a Chinese. Bing Han asked one of the male waiter this in Chinese.

BH: “You know that girl is a Chinese or Malay?”
Waiter: “Chinese”
BH ( not happy that he lost ): “You know which one I am refering to?”
Waiter: ” No but both waiters are Chinese”

This made me laugh non stop actually. This is a Degree A joke. Coach Xin Ru also talked about some judging thing for Zi Xuan and stuffs and its quite interesting but I got distracted by the ORD thing.

I left at around 9.30pm and reach home at around 10.50pm. It was really a fun night! I need more of this. I am a no life kid.

Who’s birthday next?

p.s: I am installing Gallery 2 and WPG 2 on my blog. I hope I can get it up by tomorrow! Stay alert!