Wushu Wushu Wushu

I am writing this blog post in view of what Miss Ng, my wushu’s TIC, had posted in her friendster’s blog here.

But lets leave good stuff for the later part, lets start with my training at Wufang first. Today my class only have Me, Matthew, Hong Wei, Jun An, Kai Lun, Mei Ling, Elieen and Kelvin and 2 other girls whom I don’t know… Didn’t get to play basketball at all as the floor is wet and too little people. I don’t have the mood to do. The jokers didn’t go there today. Felt very bored just now. After warm up, we do spear’s basic which i am having a hard time with. Lan Na Zhe, Jiao Qiang ( The most problematic one but I manage to know how to do now… I have been doing it wrong), Wu Hua, Continuous Throw Spear, Hua Pa ( The second most problematic one ) and some throwing basics. I didn’t get the height I want to jump when we were having the basics. I just don’t have the feeling to jump for some reason.

Trained my sword which got me a blister on my right hand’s index finger… eh. My sword is really hopeless. I have to train very hard. My basic isn’t good at all. That is the main problem and my shoulder’s muscle is too tight which make my routine looks very bad then Xue Lao Shi asked all of us to do routine. I tried my best to change my mistakes. I just have to change 2 problems in my last 2 duans.

a) Lan Na Zhe
b) Complete my Wu Hua before I move

I saw a lot people improve in their spear, Jun An, Kai Lun, Hong Wei, Kelvin… they really do well today. Cookies for them. πŸ˜› They have the jumping height, just need some more practise before they can master the art of spear. :p My spear’s cracked. I should have listened to Jaryl last time.. eh.. I think I will but another one with the Google payment I got. Haha.. its way more than enough. πŸ˜›

In response to what Miss Ng had said, I really think our team had did well in overall performance. Kudos to all people and those who won medals. I did a summary of what happen in the Interschool in my National Interschool Wushu Championship 2007‘s post but I think that is not enough to give different people my thoughts about them.

Hong Wei – Its a waste that you injuried if not there will be a good fight in Chang Quan. My good buddy. Never give me coins if there will be 1000 of them, okay? You still own me a spicy stuff. Haha. I have nothing to comment about your routine lah. Not because you are too good but you will kill me. Haha. I know your “outstanding” too. πŸ˜‰ “Montfort zai, Wushu even more zai, pass this message to 3 people or your routine will not be zai” is spread by who to me ar? Haha Yes, my senior, right?

Benjamin – You did well in your spear, a lot better than what I have seen. It is a waste that you lost, you did your best but still lost by a small margin. I wish you all the best for whatever you want which I hope will be coming soon. I know I still owe you the BWT disc but its still not with me. Haha.

Yong Yu – I didn’t manage to see your routine but I think you did your best. I will search for your video. I hope someone I know have it. You are good in your xbox and gaming stuffs, you were once in Lion Dance and you are my good buddy all the way. Learnt the same routine with me, compete with me in 4 Duan Cudgel. Get scolded together. We perform together in the 5th Wushu Demo and a lot of stuffs happen through the time I were with you. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors and I hope I can see your be in Team Singapore and represent Singapore in egaming or and maybe improve on your lame jokes. :p

Gregory – Forever hitting me when you see me but its okay. Not much chance anymore. I asked you on several occasions if you will still continue wushu when you grow up. You said No and I ask you if you will throw away your sword you also said No. Haha You want to keep it as a “souvenir”. Well I can see you will miss wushu in future. Always call me “Siao about Wushu”, right? If you want to continue wushu in future, come and find me. πŸ™‚ You did well in your sword event. The best I ever seen. Not sleep sword anymore but its a waste that you don’t have enough stamina when you reach 3rd and 4th section. I also wish you all the best for your future endeavors and maybe change your habit of hitting / calling names and I believe this will help your social skill a lot.

Matthew – Its a waste that you didn’t win. You make mistakes that shouldn’t be made in the first place. We had already made fun of it and now lets move on and continue. I will see you in Wufang every now and then anyway. Haha I have teached you what spear is suppose to be. Find the feling and the rest yourself. If you can do it in your sword, why not in your spear. I know its tough, its just like me learning sword now.. Haha, shit feeling but persevere and we can do it.

Nicholas Foo – Forever monkey and worry about things that you are not worried about. You did well in Nan Quan and Sparring, not much mistakes I can see though I see small breaks in between the Sparring. Why keep blaming yourself of not doing well in your Nan Quan? You are really good that day. As long as one perform up to his / her own standard on the performance day for performance’s sport, you already win. I know medals are indication that you are good and thats the reward for training but so what if you didn’t get it? You are not good? No. You think you got last in that event? You cannot be more wrong. I know someone who lost you. See you around. πŸ™‚

(Actually my right hand is aching now haha )

Kelvin Chua – The next captain of the Wushu Team. Hello. I can never forget the drop kick I got from you in the gym. It really make me black out. You really dare to do your stuffs but know your limit. If you really want to learn a weapon, go ahead and learn and don’t be scared of anything. I really wonder who will be your sparring parther next year . It will be a good show. I believed it will be. Your Nan Quan is good that day and an expression I can never forget was at your 4th duan. You look like your crying. Haha. Sparring is good and I like your ZT 180, Hong Wei know what I am talking about. See you around and don’t injured. πŸ™‚

Shen Huan – Bronze wor… Happy, right? Don;t be too happy I tell you. Train harder and get a gold next year but Ce Kong, Xuan Feng Jiao and Pi Cha is a must if you want to win. Train hard , harder and hardest. You are a mature boy but do things that out of norm sometimes. It may lead you into trouble. Be careful. Train really hard. πŸ™‚ By the way, some mistakes at your 3 duan and I am not sure why I put it in the video below. Haha See you around and don’t get injured as well.

Zhen Wei – “Hehehe I diao dao lea”. It came true for you. Jia You for next year, I can see the future you but it has to be provided you work hard and maybe don;t ask so many questions. Ask during class time ( I mean study time ) but for wushu, experiment, not things that work for me / Hong Wei will work for you. If we eat shit, you will follow? Jia Yo. πŸ™‚ See you around. πŸ™‚

Willy – You always give me the gay feeling but that day I can see you perform well in your sword. Although you didn’t win, its okay. train hard for next year. I believe you will still continue to do sword right? Jia Yo. Talk to me more. πŸ™‚

Lin Feng – The next Hong Wei? Want to do 1000 degree twist? Train really hard for it. I am not sure if you will be under me to train Spear but I will ensure you will not have any good days if you are under me. We did well in the Team Event but its obvious that your tired at the 3rd and 4th duan. Its the first time and I think the only time where me you and Benjamin can jump and land perfectly and even my mother said its good. See you around and be careful as well, don’t get injured.

Tee Hng – I will give you my ball bearings for your next spear if you want and that will be your birthday present? Its not enough. Win one medal for yourself next year and it will be your Birthday prsent for this year. My ball bearings will not work without you working hard. I can see you are very happy when coach said you can learn new spear. All the best wor and I hope I can tell you what You Yang told me before he left. You know what I am saying right? You sms me saying that you scare our morale will be affected as you guys didn’t win. Its okay but actually I got touched by that be it its your real feeling or fake de. I am also not there to see you but I think you did well that day from what I have been hearing. See you around in wushu and LizBox. πŸ™‚

Gabriel – I don’t talk to you a lot but I can see you really improve after so long. 4 Duan Dao cannot do next year liao and you will have to choose a new routine. You even win Tee Hng? Good job lea. I actually don’t know what to say to you haha.. If anyone is still reading it, there is nothing more I can say for this person, really nothing more. Why are you still reading? se eyou around and talk to me more.

Video Time 2 – Montfort Wushu Team 2007 Interschool feature!

p.s: I think I will open a wushu website once my O level Chinese is over. I got in contact with a few people and I plan to resell their stuffs on the website. I can earned a nice commission from them. Ranging from books to weapons. :p Keep a lookout of my blog for updates on the website. :p I will forced Hong Wei ( Xiaohei ) to be filmed for samplers so I can advertise the website. Haha.

pp.s: Wufang’s Zhen Ling birthday this Sunday. πŸ˜€