Wufang performance at Chinese Garden

Woke up at 5.30am to “prepare” and went out at around 6.30am or 7am ( If you count the bus waiting time ) then took 161 to Woodlands followed by MRT to Jurong East then changed to Lakeside then took 154 to Chinese Garden. Sms’ed Yao De about it but in the end Jaryl phoned me, then I remembered Yao De is sicked and cannot talk already although I heard him and Coach Xin Ru at the background voices. Later I resms Jaryl to confirm the location or how to get there and luckily, he sms’ed me a detailed one if not I will be lost. ( I am a “lu chi” and a “bai chi” ). Reached there at around 8.45am and saw the team already there, A few namely Ren Zoe, Zhe Wei and Wayne with a lot of them which I don’t know their name or know their name but don’t know how to spell.

They formed a semicircle and started performing. 1 round finished, my task is to make sure the adults don’t cut through them but a lot still did. Its either I am slow or the adults are fast. It should be the first. We were all under the sun and there is a lot of problem of the adults cutting across the area so Coach Xin Ru get the volunteers to get tape to tape up the place. The team then performed again in that taped area and here came the GOH.

The GOH is Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Education and Mr. Lim Boon Heng. The Wufang kids get the chance to take a photo with them after they finished the performance. Whats makes me laugh here is how Yao De gave the instructions to me and Jaryl on how to get the boys to gather to take a photo after Ren Zoe’s performance of routine.

The kids were standing in 1 line all facing the Minister and Ren Zoe is performing the routine while Me and Jaryl is standing behind them then Yao De came to me and Jaryl and said “Get them to gather and take a photo later”. My question is how and when but I thought Jaryl know haha. Anyway it was settled and done. Later me, Ren Zoe, Jaryl and Yao De went to eat, Coach Xin Ru

We then went to eat at KFC, Yao De, Zhi Yong, Jaryl, Coach Xin Ru, Ren Zoe with Wayne and his family in another car. We went to buy food and now I gave the wrong instructions to the person who take my order, I ordered something for Yao De and i said I want Large Popcorn Chicken as well ( Reading from the board which shows a set meal ) then when he gave he did not give me a set but instead a Large PopCorn chicken. Haha anyway I just bought a drink with it afterthat.Then Jaryl and Yao De do some owl stuffs and what ninja which I don’t understand and talk about what fist and head and whole body. Never mind haha.

We then went opposite to SuperBowl. Yao De and Jaryl played a match of Pool. Jaryl is really good. We then played a game of “open” bowling. I did very well in that match, got a strike, a split and some good stuffs. ( This is my second bowling I ever played in my life ), my score is around 70+ when I finished. Not too bad for a starter? I don’t know how it counts but if it helped, me and Jaryl was in 1 team and Yao De, Coach Xin Ru and Wilson (Wayne’s father) was in another. Later we played a match with me, Yao De and SK ( A Lion Dance Coach ) against Pauline ( Coach Xin Ru ), Jaryl and Wilson. Loser punch and we played. For some reason or rather obvious reason, I did not performed as well and total, I only get around 20 marks in the end and the rest of the teammates did extremely well but in the end we still lose. So the first “open” match + this match which we have to pay double. $10.80 gone. Haha but its worth it but feel bad for my team mates. Played second match. Now same team but addition of Darren in my team and Yan De in their team. It was a close fight despite my low marks and I can see SK get very nervous on winning and he told me the steps on how to throw the bowling ball. I scored a 9 as soon as he taught me that but it all went down afterwards. We lost again so $7.20 gone again. I decided to quit the game seeing that the game will not be fun with me continuing to play and not “challenging” to the other team. Wilson also quit from that team and they proceed with playing. Yan De got very lucky and keep striking with slow ball while Yao De and SK keep getting 1 cone left but Yao De’s team still lost. Darren’s speed of ball is really fast. 35km/h. That conclude the end of the match

Jaryl on the left and Yao De on the right.

We then went to Jurong Point in coach Xin Ru’s car ( with 4 man instead ) with me, Yao De, Jaryl and Yan De siting at the back seats and Darren in the front seat. We reached Jurong Point and Yan De and Yao De decided to buy their Badminton Rackets, we went to 2 shops then back to the first again. ( Actually to me, all rackets are the same. ) Jaryl asked me to go to Popular with him to get some ribbon and we did, after that, we went back and they are still choosing the rackets. Jaryl soon went back home and very soon after they bought the rackets, I went back home as well.

I slept all the way from Boon Lay to Outram Park Intercharge but what is unbelievable is how I woke up. I was sitting at a corner sit and I just hit myself onto the glass while I was sleeping and I rub my forehead a bit. Just before I want to continue sleeping, I heard… “Outram Intercharge, Please mind the gap”.. Haha and went back home finally. Reached home at around 6pm.

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