As I said in one of my previous post, this. I am not that “pro” in bowling and it causes me¬† and my team to pay a lot money in the end. Alamak… Today we went to play again at Marina Square but instead with another group of people.

Suppose to meet Eileen at 2.40pm but I reach there at 1.30pm.. A bit too early ar? I just walked around alone. I was wearing Nike shoes and pants with Adidas shirt. ( Weird combo, right? ) Then I reach a Adidas shop who makes me want to go in and find something I like but I think again and again and decided to give that idea up, I am not sure why I don’t dare to enter. Haha. Walked around till 2.35pm then later met Eileen and we walked to Marina Square… It was very far.

We reached there but we cannot find SuperBowl. I am not sure where was it but I knew it was at the 3rd floor. We walked one big round finally reaching there and we asked to open the 2 lanes that Hong Wei booked but she says what we have to tell her between 2.55pm to 3.00pm and now is 3.15pm so she cannot do it for us. She speaks a bit too fast and I have to catch up with her. ( I finally know who people feel when they talked to me ). Then we asked if we could opened another 2 lanes then since that 2 were being sold since we didn’t reach on time then she asked for our IC. Both of us didn’t bring IC so I decided to pass her my EZ-Link ( Which has my picture on it ) and she says cannot… ARR… So we decided to wait… and wait then she decided to let us have 1 lane. Me and Eileen played 1 game and Susan ( whom I never see before ) came followed by Kelvin and Simon ( who went to shop right after they reach )… Only 3 of us so me and Eileen played another game.

I am not sure if it is because the lanes are short or I learnt something from SK and Eileen. I did not do quite badly today. I never get below 50 today. ( At least haha ). Eileen turns out to be a bowling pro. We then rest for 1 game for Hong Wei, Susan, Kelvin and Simon to play. Hong Wei was pretty good despite his right arm injury. Later Simon and Kelvin went out to eat leaving me Susan, Hong Wei and Eileen so we opened another lane and play a 2 by 2. We did not play loser punch this time. This match I got 76 ( Not bad for me actually ) with Eileen around 140 and we meet Hong Wei and Susan by 70+. Played another match and we win them again. We should had played punch so we can save $7.80 each. Haha. Payed for 4 games and we went to eat.

Ordered some Chicken Rice which was pretty nice and went back home after that. Pictures speak a thousand words but sorry I didn’t manage to take any today.