The best part of wushu

Today, we had soccer and wufang and I was the goalkeeper. Not so bad but David make me scared but its okay. He kicked the ball very very hard and luckily Jaryl is around to save the day. I let in a few goals though but some of which is that they are lucky. There is only 1 or 2 that is really a nice goals. 1 own goal somemore but its not me. Xue Jiao Lian is always the man who score the most critical goal for our team. Haha.

I am not sure what happened to me latey, I am just not myself. We then proceed on to kickings or rather warm up and that continues for like 50 minutes. This is the most tiring training among the 2 years I ever had. The requriments are very high today and I am not sure what happened to my left leg. It just don’t listen to me. A few that I don’t know as I did not learned before and it is causing me a lot of trouble. I didn’t do XFJ today as coach ask me to train on my TKFJ’s landing instead and I am quite grateful with that. Not because I get to skip XFJ but because I can focus on 1 jump instead. Xuan Zi is okay but I shouldn’t look at the floor too much and my legs should go round in a circle. Xuan Zi Lian Jie I really cannot do at the moment. After that, the whole team do CQ.

CQ = hell, at the moment.

Give me sometime.
My back and my right knee is causing me a lot of problem. Never ever injuried your back!