Should I or should I not?

The question is simple. Should I go beijing or not go beijing? Money is not an issue but its the time. We are having a lot of classes/test during the period of time when they are going. 8th of June to 17th of June. It may be the only chance, one and only. National Competition are coming and I start feeling the stress of having to finish learning what I am suppose to though chances are I only want to compete in Spear. If I go Beijing, I have a lot of chances to learn a lot more. Ren Zoe and Jaryl will be there so no worries of being bored anyway. If I miss this chance, I may never ever have it again. This is really a complicated thing, my mother is against of me going, my teachers certainly are against it. June is the most important month and it determines if you can do well in your ‘O’s. ARR.. I am confused. Lets not talk about this.

Today, there is 2 ( Or rather 1 new guy ) joining us in doing groups training. No basketball or soccer at all today. Its quite boring. Had our normal kicks. I am not sure why I cannot do my xuan zi at all today. Basically, I just cannot lift my leg up at all and it sucks. I hope it will be better by tomorrow. TKFJ + XFJ is okay now though my XFJ is not jumping at all. Hao Ming is very good at his TKFJ and XFJ, I was amazed at how he do it. The rest Lian Jie movement and Lian Jie Zu He is quite alright, not so badly done but got 1 that is very hard call what butterfly something one, like TKFJ but with a twist and alternate slapping of hands. My spear really cannot make it already. I bought it home with a cudgel which xue jiao lian gave me after I told Coach Xin Ru about it. Its a bit thick but flexible haha. I think I am going to use that at wufang while I get another sword and thin cudgel from Coach Xin Ru which I will use in school. I overheard what Coach Jun Ming said, it is very classical and very funny.

“Comon lah, help me lea, learn properly, you guys do 1 time, I have to do more than 13 times les”

That reminds me of what happen when I teach the Secondary 1 the group event yesterday. I must think of a better way to teach them. They are not as disciplined as any I can named at Wufang. Even a P5, Ren Zoe, Zhe Wei or Bryan are way better than them. There are a few hopeful ones in the wushu team if they really train.

School training tomorrow. I must change my old habit of that spear movement if I want to prevent more injuries.

At the same time, I will like to offer my prayer to one of our Secondary 1 Montfortians who was involved in a car incident and now hospitalised. When you cross any road, please be very very careful.

Kudos to all who trained really really hard lately and good luck for all who will be undergoing grading at wufang soon.

Edit: Oh yes, I must remember to get my video at Rulang from Coach Xin Ru.