School time not video time

I don’t think everyday video time is not a good idea. It will gets boring and it will be like I am copying someone. Lets be orignal and do something that everyone hates. Exam!

For the last 2 weeks, I am having exams and tests and 1 word to describe them. “SUCK”

For the past 2 weeks I had…. in order.

Science Practical
English Language Paper 1
Social Studies
Mathematics 1
Science 3 ( Chemistry )
Physics 2
Geography ( E )
Mother Tongue 1
English Paper 2

and coming up… in order

Science 4 ( Biology )
Mathematics 2
Mother Tongue 2
Additional Mathematics 1
Additional Mathematics 2
Physics 1
Science 1 ( Biology / Chemistry )

Basicially, Only CL and Math 1 is easy. The rest aren’t difficult just no confidence. Haha. Physics 2 / Science – Chemistry are really killer paper. I studied real hard for Chemistry yet its still so difficult. Physics Paper I did studied but those formula, for some reason, I cannot remember them during the time of exam. Section C is okay but Section B kills. Tomorrow is Science – Biology. I still have to go RiceTable tonight for Zhen Ling’s birthday. Its okay. Birthday is only once per year!

Alright, Hong Wei posted something interesting here about wushu.