Money is not everything and cannot do anything

After considering all the time factors, I really cannot make it to Beijing. So What if I have the money? I will miss out all the fun, suffering that wufang will be having at Beijing. It sucks! How I wish I can go there and train. Why should I have O level this year? What about 1 year later for my O’s? I am sure it will not be the same if I go one year later and likewise it will not be the same after 2 years, 3 years… ARR. It was my dream and is my dream to train at Beijing and I even told one Beijing wushu team member before about it. I really hope they will be going there again this coming end of year or next year I hope. ARR… idiot….

Today is Coach Wen Xin and *I don’t know her name*’s birthdays. Well one is celebrated earlier and one is celebrated later. I reach Orchard MRT at around 12.15pm after mu Lizbox and started waiting….. until 12.45pm when Jun An came. Thats quite a wait, i agree and afterwhich Coach Quek arrived at around 1pm followed by Zhen Ling at CDRama then Yao De, Chan Hen and Yan De arrived from…. Popular followed by Coach Wen Xin. We went to Paragon’s Bakerzin and saw Jin Hong and Karen. Coach Xue, Coach Xin Ru, Bing Han and a small cute girl then later come with the other birthday girl. That young girl appears to be Coach Xin Ru’s child. She is 9 years old. She is really very beautiful with a big eyes. While we are waiting for our food, Coach Wen Xin went to shopping then she came back with a new shoes for her, Michelle and she smiles is quite sweet. Too bad, I am too old and ugly, if not I will fall for her. I ordered the roasted chicken thigh with teriyaki sauce which is around $14.80 and a cup of Pepsi for $3.80. The sauce is really VERY VERY sweet. Finish eating then they ordered 2 warm chocolate cakes for the 2 birthday girls. Us boys decided to snatch and eat 1 of them. It is nice but Bing Han don’t like it. Later we went to walked around for a very long time then later left with us boys and the same amount of female. The “surviving” males are Jun An, me, Yao De, Yan De and Jin Hong. We later separated into 2 groups and the male walked their own path, the female walked their own. We went to walk and finally settle down and eat at full house.

I ordered
and soyabean

Its very nice. Jin hong, Yao De and Yan De then talked about Hero 1, 2, 3, 4 and… 5 and it went on for around 1 hour until 5pm +. We then meet the females at the Forum and the other birthday girl went to buy some luggages and later we went back around 7pm. It was a fun day.

Happy Birthday both of you. 🙂