Layout of the new wushu website

Designs and Scripts to use come later.

Chat[Not sure]
Media – Photos / Videos / Interviews
Shop[ I am thinking how I should do it first ]
Download – Pictures / Videos / File
More – Portfolio / Contact Us / About Us

* Using Different Scripts but same Design for all at the moment
– An online Chat system where wushu people can talk live to each other. ( Like MSN but without email. )
– Portfolio = A directory-like system where people can fill in their personal information about their wushu stuffs and countries and stuff.
– Shop to sell wushu stuffs [Books, VCDs, Shoes, Shirts… not including weapon].
– Contact Us / About Us / Forum setup
– Set Up Links

Lets see how it goes, I maybe doing it after my tomorrow’s paper or O level’s Chiense paper.