Exams over! Training starts!

All my papers are officially over last Friday and this means I can train today HAHAHA! Yesterday’s biology and chemistry paper was okay. We will be getting our papers back on Monday. Oh dear….

I went Wufang to train today and I actually miss training despite the fact I wasn’t there for only 1 week. I already knew I will be very tired after the training as normally once I stop training for something else and when I get back training, I will be very tired for the first few lessons. The worse is that I am sick for sometime already. Went there and saw Ren Zoe and Bryan, the 2 kids and we talked about Maple Story and Runescape. Thats very rare indeed. trained as usual under Coach Liu Lei. The long awaited jumping warmup was not done. Sigh. I trained spear and I discovered that my spear cannot make it anymore. I just have to use strength one more time, the whole stick will crack into 2. Going to buy 1 soon. I then trained on my sword on 1st and 2nd duan. I just discovered I do it wrongly all the while. Let me see if I can still remember what to do on Monday during school training. I must not see, I must do it anyway.Sickness + Under the Sun + No breakfast + lack of water + training = ultra tiredness

When I was doing my sword to show coach Xin Ru, it was terrible. My hunger and all act up but I cannot say I want to take a rest as it will be very rude to her who is teaching me. Only after we finished then did I request to drink water ( although I don’t need to request to drink water. ). Organs in my body feel pain / hunger. Legs/hand feels numb and ache.

I remember seeing Yao De and Bing Han together but in the end, it seems like only Yao De is there. We played Basketball for a while afterthat and 2 tall people wanted to play a match with me and the “ong” ( King ). My basketball skill cannot make it at all. It simple sucks and Yao De is finding his “Gan Jue” back? Haha So I declined the match. Anyway we are really too short to play with them. Afterwhich we went to eat and I went back home from Bouna Vista MRT.

When I walked back home from Hougang Mall after buying some food for my Mother, my legs start to feel numb again. Both of knees seem to be overused and very tired. The feeling is bad.

Moral of Story: Never train too aggressively right after a long break.

Tomorrow is Mother’s day. What do you have for your Mother?