Basicially, I have my wushu lesson as usual in the afternoon, our coach is back after last week Primary Interschool Competition. We warm up and did our routine. I am very surprised when I do until my 3rd section. I am not at all tired, maybe a little. Normally I will be panting non-stop. It is not as if my stamina increased in a few days but maybe I need quite a long warm up before I can do my routine well. It was great.

Afterwhich, me, Hong Wei, Shen Huan and Zhen Wei went to Wu Fang Tampines North to train by my coach. We did not do routine there and basicially at there, we do the section which we are most not confident of. Coach edited one of my major problem since I started this routine. I hope I can remember and do it the next time I do this routine. Not very tired there, me and Hong Wei played some “Yuan Di” jumping kicks and I do a few Xuan Zi. Not too bad, I feel some high. The hall of Tampines North doed really have some spring. It is good. I jump to a height I never knew I could. My spear head had cracks on it. I really hope it will not come off before/during competition. I asked my father to stick some glue on it already. Coach Wee said my spear had “spoilt”. I quite agree with him actually but I don’t plan to change my spear for competition. I shall be using my current “spoilt” one. I shall shaved it and put it in the school weapon room after my competition. I shall do the same for my WuFang Cairnhill’s Spear.

With these, have a good night.