Wufang Day

Today, I really have a great day hanging out with the wufang’s people. Every Saturday is really enjoyment. We had training as usual in the morning, it is not so bad except for a few mistakes here and there. Afterwhich, we went for lunch. I am not sure where Bryan and Ren Zoe went, they said they want to follow us.. eh. Anyway we went to eat at the Newton hawker centre, about 10-12 of us. The drinks there are really expensive. I rather buy from West.Later me, Jaryl and Bing Han went to Plaza Singapura to “walk” and trust me going out with them will really make you laugh. They are really fun guys. Beside Hong Wei, they are the only people I went out with before (except for my class’s outing). I saw one shirt that really look like our Wu Fang’s shirt in red text. New Balance but this is dry fit. Know some of their secrets, actually I am not really surprised, I just didn’t tell them that I does that as well. Don’t want to ruin my “good boy” image in them, haha. Bing Han had been trying ways to make me angry but without him knowing, he makes me laugh even more and more. If you ever need laugher in life, find Bing Han. He is the best man.So it is only until 3-4 pm so why did I say Wu Fang day? In an hour time, I am going to “The Forest” (eh ok, somewhere around this pronouncation) with Jaryl and celebrate Karen, Wufang’s Admin, birthday. I don’t really know her well but at least we work together on some occasions like Chinese New Year. Meeting him at Seragoon’s MRT and lets see how we can get there. Haha.

5 more days to my event. Good Luck. 😀


Yesterday’s night was fun. I was suppose to meet Jaryl at Seragoon MRT but I was late so anyway we met at Dhoby Ghaut MRT in the end. I made him wait 3 trains and he was sick some more. I feel quite bad. I will treat him to eat next time, I really owe him a big one. Later we went to Orchard and trust me, we were not lost there. We were opposite the MRT and Jaryl called Ling Juan and she told him how to walk. Jaryl told me after 1 sentence what Ling Juan told her, he doesn’t even know what she was saying after that. Quite made my day, actually, wanted to laugh but that will make me a mad guy. Anyway we managed to make it to the Forum and ate there. Coach Wen Xin, Xin Ru and Chun Huei were there, Ling Juan, Karen ( The Birthday girl ), Zhen Ling, Yao De, Gim Hong and another 4 wufang girls were also there. I also met this 2 fun guys, Yan De and Chang Hen, they were really funny and Chang Hen really like to shake hands. All the female really like to take photos, I believe they took more than 20 photos. Haha, went to Starbuck afterwards and I am really tired already. Managed to catch the last 2 trains but not the last bus so I had to walk home from Hougang Mall. Actually I quite regretted that I didn’t take any photos with them haha.