National Interschool Wushu championship 2007

Day 1

On the first day, the whole team went to Manjusri Secondary for the National Inter-school Wushu Championship 2007 to so call “test the carpet”. We do wushu on carpet for those we doesn’t know so basicially, the whole team went there and we do warm up. We were told that we can only enter the hall to test the carpet after 12.30pm and we reach there at around 11.30am so basically we waited there and then when time come, we tested on the green carpet ( Court B ), Hong Wei attracted a lot of WZ’s athletes and basicially our team don’t dare to do anything since then. We basicially formed two rows with empty spaces in between and WZ’s athletes formed the other side and we basicially didn’t dare to do anything except for doing wrist and ankle rotation for that 30 minutes. Not that I didn’t dare to do but I don’t find the need to. It is just a carpet, isn’t it? Nicholas Foo and Kelvin Chua compete it in their International Nan Quan Routine, they did their best that day but didn’t win. Highlight of that day includes A Girls 5 Duan Chang Quan where Jie Ru, Joyce and Zhang Qian compete in, B boys International Nan Quan Routine where Alex Chan ( My spear competitor as well ), Sim Zheng Jie and Wei Yang ( From OP Secondary ) compete it.

Day 2
I didn’t go on that day but Tee Hng and Gabriel compete in their 4 Duan Broadsword Routine event. I am not sure how they perform but Tee Hng got a lower mark than Gabriel. I am not too sure what had happened as this is not what I expect but I do believe they did their best. I am not there so I cannot relaly say the highlight of that day.

Day 3
I am not there as well but we almost get medals on that day. Yong Yu compete in 4 Duan Cudgel Routine and Tee Hng compete in 4 duan spear. Yong Yu almost get a 4th but he injuried his right knee during the competition while performing his routine and from that he jumped/shaked 3 times. He did well that day. Tee Hng’s spear moves got interrupted by his “belt” and he lost a 3rd position from what I knew. It is a waste that day. Danielle from Wufang Singapore also compete in that and she got first in her B girls 4 duan spear routine. I think she is really really happy and I congratulate her for winning. Hard works paid off.

Day 4
The day where medals start to come in and it is also the day of my event. We went there as usual. Shen Huan and Zhen Wei were asked to tag along to watch the performance of Hong Wei so on that day, Hong Wei, Shen Huan, Zhen Wei, Guo Hong, Benjamin was there. We went there early but the good thing is that the 12.30pm capret rule was gone so we managed to use the carpet. Benjamin was the first to compete and he is also the first to compete in his event, 2nd International Sword Routine. He didn’t do extremely well that day but he didn’t make any major mistake as well. Hong Wei ( Captain of our wushu team ) then competes in his 2nd International Broadsword Routine and he got 2nd losing to Yi Yang from CCHMS and his 2nd International Cudgel Routine got 3rd. This time the move after his Xuan Zi isn’t too nice. Jun An and Jaryl from Wufang compete in their 1st International Chang Quan Routine and Jun An being te same to compete seems to be a bit too nervous and did quite a few balancing mistakes. Jaryl got a gold for this event. Jaryl later then compete in his 1st International Spear Routine. He is good and got another gold so 2 golds for 2 events. My 2nd International Spear Event were after that… I really waited for a long time. It was the last event. I was the 10th out of the 12 people who is competiting and I have to sit there and watch the rest to compete before I can. Basicially I was sitting there to wait. Alex Chan from CCHMS, Shi Jie from Catholic High were very good and there is one more guy, Hong Ming from Maris Stella ( My school’s badminton rival school) who is good as well. The result were all very close. 1st. Shijie, 2nd. Hong Ming 3rd. Guo Hong (Me), 4th. Alex Chan, 5th. Benjamin. I only beat Alex by 0.02… If not for his small mistake, i wouldn’t have won him I think.

Day 5
I collected my medal with Hong Wei, Jaryl on the 5th day. We have Gregory and Matthew competiting in 1st International Sword Routine with Wufang’s Jaryl, a sparring event by Nicholas and Kelvin Chua and supposely 2nd International Chang Quan Routine from Hong Wei but that morning, Hong Wei keep telling me his legs hurts and he cannot even do a Pu Bu properly and i massage for him in that bus for the whole journey and even when we are in the hall. He decided to give up the event but he will have a high chance of getting at least a bronze if he competes. Out of the 3 who compete in the sword event, Gregory was the first. He did extremely well that day except that it was a waste that his stamina is not there when he is finishing the routine. Jaryl did extrememly well though not the best I have seen of him. He got 4th I think and is quite upset about it. I also think the people who “won” him shouldn’t had “won” him… it is just some stuff. He got minus 0.1 for missing movement. Matthew then compete and minus 0.2 for additional of movement. He was extremely upset about it and actually Coach Xin Ru had warned him about it when we were at Rulang Primary. The sparring got the loudest clap among all the sparring group and i think it was the funniest ending one can ever think of for the sparring. I will post a video if I get the chance to. This year, there is a trend of killing another person in sparring event.

Day 6
The last day of National Interschool Wushu championship 2007 and it is the team event day. We did well that day or extremely well in the eye of coach and teacher and I guess so. The whole team including non-school team were there to support us. We got 5th for the event with a score of 8.20. It is a waste. Some schools are really good like CCHMS and Catholic High.

This is a wonderful competition experiences and I get to know a few more guys and get the chance to see Yi Ming. Haha Nice guy.