Google April Fool's Day (hoaxes)

Throughout the years, Google had done a lot of phranks during the April fools and of couse this year without exception, they did it again. Lets see what they did in the past

According to Wikipedia,
Year 2000: Google MentalPlex
Year 2002: Google PigeonRank
Year 2004: Google Lunar/Copernicus Center
Year 2005: Google Gulp
Year 2006: Google Romance

I did a search for this Google April Fool’s Day for year 2007 and I found 2 sites Gmail Paper and Google TiSP. Let me quote what is written inside that made me have a good laugh.

GMail Paper:

Total Control
A stack of Gmail Paper arrives in a box at your doorstep, and it’s yours to keep forever. You can read it, sort it, search it, touch it. Or even move it to the trash—the real trash. (Recycling is encouraged.)

But what about the environment?

Not a problem. Gmail Paper is made out of 96% post-consumer organic soybean sputum, and thus, actually helps the environment. For every Gmail Paper we produce, the environment gets incrementally healthier.

“Gmail Paper is a scrapbooker’s dream. I paper archive all of my son’s emails, cut them out in creative shapes, and paste them in my binders.”

Can I still use my toilet after installing TiSP?
Do we look stupid? Needless to say, the fiber optic cable that enables TiSP will not interfere with your toilet’s regular operations. For your own convenience, however, you may eventually wish to hire a professional contractor to help route the cable under, or through, the toilet seat to your TiSP wireless router.

Round-front or elongated toilet providing at least 1.0 gallons per flush

Use of automatic toilet bowl cleaners is not recommended