Montfort Secondary School’s principal, Mr. Simen Lourds, is preparing its students and teachers to be able to react when there is an unpredicted disaster striking us. ( This sentence looks weird no matter how I rephrase, eh? ) They had a day “off” on the 5th of April 2007 and students are expected to do the work and submit it online.

Our school uses 2 main eLearning platform.

When I tried I access the site at 7am, Heymath was down but later it was up. We have Chemistry and Math homework on there. I didn’t managed to access it but I got my friend to and managed to get the chemistry work in the end. The problem is when I open the file, it is corrupted. I will go to my friend’s house this Sunday and print it and do it again. On Lead, we have English and Chinese, English is just fine but Chinese is something I don’t know how to do it. We have to type in Chinese but the software we are told to download cannot be used. During the time when Heymath were down, teachers posted messages on Lead.com.sg and I didn’t managed to see it only until a minute ago.

It has its pros and cons. The school should not have 2 systems, they really should have 1 instead. They are making things really confusing and messy here. The lead.com.sg portal isn’t user-friendly either. I am using Firefox as my browser as I don’t like how Internet Explorer works and I got message saying I cannot use Firefox on lead.com.sg. Lead.com.sg is good but it is too flashy. Sometime, its loading time is too long. They should use plain html instead but its their system so its up to them. 1422 students using the lead portal and will all of us will have a good system specs to allow us to use lead.com.sg in the first place? Heymath is good as well but the website went down even before the time we are suppose to do the work? ( 8.30am to 4 pm ). When I check the site at 7am – 9am+, it was down. The experience of eLearning is fun nevertheless.

I went for a haircut with Hong Wei, and a lot people phoned me at this time by the way, then we went to Toa Payoh stadium to watch the interschool primary wushu competition ( Group Event ) and that was when my phone’s battery went flat and I believed that denied a lot of phone calls. I apologise if you called me and there is no response. I went with Hong Wei, Lin Feng, Nicholas Foo, Kelvin Chua, Shen Huan and Zhen Wei. Mathew and Benjamin later joined us in the stadium. It was a good watch. My coach’s team was really good but it was a waste that they didn’t win. Didn’t went for Wu Fang training at night because coach said I really need rest and asked me not to go and surpisingly enough, I got a message that all competitors ( I assume secondary students ) have to go for training the coming Saturday which is tomorrow, much of a conicidence if you ask me. I will be there tomorrow. 6 more days ( or rather 5 ) to my event.

Good luck