Brother Andrew and Brother Roger

Today, our school’s flag were flown at half mast as one of the brothers, teachers of Montfort Secondary School in the past passed away on April 2007. He taught in Montfort during 1960 to 1971 and is a Chemistry teacher. Mr. Tan Thoh Cher was one of his students during those year and you can see how sad Mr. Tan is when he talked about Brother Andrew during the morning Assembly. Mr. Edmund James, my English teacher during Secondary 2, also talked about the cheerfulness and determination of Brother Andrew. He taught Mr. James how to work without tiring yourself out. The school put up a board outside the General Office about Brother Andrew when he visited Montfort in the year 1998 and a book for us to write something to his family. I didn’t know what to write so I didn’t wrote any and I kind of regretted it.

During the afternoon Hall Assembly, the school band played 3 songs including 1 school song in tribute to Brother Andrew’s contribution to the school. Mr. Simen Lourds, Prinicpal of Montfort Secondary School and Mr. Lloyd Yeo, HOD of humanities also sang 2 songs with the school which really say about Brother Andrew’s life.

Brother Roger, one of the brothers, was hospitalized roughly 2 weeks ago due to an injury. Let us pray for him.

9 more days to my wushu competition. I went to Wu Fang as normal and we played… basketball like last time but I feel this is not the right time to do it when competition is drawing near and nevertheless, it was fun. Then we do the normal warm up. Those who are competing went to join the Primary school group in the kicks and they do 1st International Chang Quan’s moves. I totally cannot follow up followed by a few jumps and kicks then we break off. During my routine, Coach changed 2 of my moves, they are in between moves. Make me look sharper then Bing Han, Jaryl helped me change some of my moves in my first section. Mainly to make me look confident. They are great guys. Cookies for them and coach. I will test some of them tomorrow, as long as I can do it without looking or being uneasy with them. I will use them during the coming interschool. I really need a good rest now. How I wish I can accompany them but I have my O’s to take care of but I will be back.

I will be back…