Wushu Pre-competition

Me and Matthew went to Ru Lang Primary School to have a test of pre-competition. It is organised by Wu Fang Singapore , the organistaion which I train under outside my school. It is not as if we never compete before but this is a brand new experience.

Most people who were there are in the Primary group. Ren Zuo with his “gang” of friends who I can never remember their name. Ren Zuo and the other 2 handsome young kids did quite well, not much visible mistakes but only not steady a little here and there, basicially they did very well for it.

Coming to Secondary group is only me, Matthew, Jaryl, Melissa, Danielle and eh… one more who I forget his name, lets define him as Z. Z did quite well but maybe just a little too slow, Danielle was just a little bit too nervous, Melissa dud well as well. Jared is very good in his chang quan so no complaint. After his event, we went to get some drink, he told me he have not been doing his sword for 6 months already so it will not be good but i think he did really really well, maybe a few of his moves are not really steady. When Jaryl is doing his spear, he is already too tired but he still managed to finish it. I think Matthew did well but he said he didn’t. Coming to me, I screwed up my first lan na zha and first throw of spear. My spear stuck onto the carpet when i tried to lift it up, Lesson learnt. I am not sure when exactly happen to my first throw. I just remember that I did’t drop it onto the floor, i just didn’t manage to catch it. Certainly not my best performance but I did my best. A parent came to me and told me that I did well. Well, at least I think its an encouragment.

Training tonight, I shalln’t make the same mistake again.

Take Care.