First of all, I bought a new mouse branded “edvan”, well I never heard of this brand before but my mother forced me to buy one as my “ex Memorex mouse” don’t listen to my command sometime. I am going to buy a Razer mouse soon when I have enough.

When I was back from Malaysia, I check some of my wesbites, mainly the proxies, all of them went down even before I manage to move them and my new server isn’t up yet. I am going to set the new server up after I can get the “Invalid License File”problem to clear off from the whm and sell the proxies off. I lost quite an amount due to this downtime..eh… I will see what I can do for now.

Wushu competition schedule are out….I will be competiting on a Thursday… Good luck to me hehe. 12 people in my event, I am the 10th

I went to Malaysia because my uncle is celebrating his “70th” birthday and in chinese saying, We will all have to celebrate it with him as a family so he will be happy forever.
This is the picture of the cake, I will upload more when I get them. 😀

To Do list
1. Revise
2. Make Blog layout
3. Make notes