MinNativ: English Writing Workshop

MinNativ, a project started by the our Gaint Chief, Mr. Simen Lourds, has started already. It was mentioned to our school by Mr. Simen a week after the DOS ( Directors of Schools ) meeting hosted by Montfort. Basicially, it is to improve English Language standard of North Zone schools. Before this project had started, Mr. Simen explained how using internationally accepted English is important yet we still cannot abandon the use of “Singlish”. We need to know when to use the correct form of English at the correct time. This project started with the school signing a “contract” that we agree to take part in this project and afterwhich we have a English Writing Workshop.

Today, my class, 4E2, along with 4A2 and 4A3 attended a English Writing Workshop conducted by Principal, Montfort Secondary School, Mr. Simen Lourds in the school hall from 11pm to roughly 12.30pm.

The workshop is basicially great. We learned about ways to write a good essay. To summarise it in the simplest form. Essay writing is divided into 2 types: Inductive and Deductive and a good Thesis Statement is very important for a good essay or essential I should say. A good conclusion summarising all paragraphs by linking them together is a must as well. I went to do a research and I found this site (Social Reseacrh Methods) which explains what these really are. I will write an essay using this method when I get the chance to ( Maybe on Friday ).

15 more days to my spear event. Seems like I am still not consistent with my spear yet. I was at my top form during December 2006 but it seems like my standard had dropped since then and is still dropping. Lets see what happen tomorrow. Congratulate to Ren Zoe and a few other Wu Fang students winning medals from the Primary category.