Feeling is there

16 more days to the day when I compete my spear.

Today, training at Wu Fang is basicially great. Done 1 whole routine, 1st duan and 2 last 2 duans. Bing Han helped me to edit some of my moves here and there and suddenly it makes me relate him to You Yang. I went to watch my competition video and one of the National Team ‘s spear video and I kind of get the feeling I need back. I will confirm this tomorrow in school when I do the routine. I know 1st and 2nd positions are already gone but I will still fight my best to get them. After the interschool, I will start learning Nan Du moves, preparing for Zi Xuan, althought that is hard but nevertheless, I can try, right? I will start re-learning sword as well, just before June ends (which I “may” stop wushu for O level). Life is meaningless with trying out new stuffs.

I am not sure if I should compete in August National Competition and if I should, who should I respresent. I wanted to represent Wu Fang a lot but I will be”letting the school down.” This year is my last year. I will see how it goes, my mother don’t want me to compete and want me to focus on my “O” level instead. If I really stop, I will be back in action in mid November this year when my O level is over.