Curry Chicken

Just a quick note on what I wrote yesterday, it should be spelt as Jaryl instead of Jared and the undefined Z is called Jun An. 🙂 I did well for my routine today and I screwed up a bit yesterday night at Wu Fang but anyway….

Today, Prinicpal of Montfort Secondary School cooked Chicken Curry in front of the whole school. Most of us get a share of it of course but does anyone ever think why did he do that? I personally like the curry and personally told him about it ( hey, its not easy. ). Maybe a bit too spicy thats all but what comes to your mind when a prinicpal of a school cooking 1400 students-worth of curry for his gaints ( refer to his students )?

What I see in the action is not that Mr. Simen is trying to show off but instead no matter what position you are in, how high you sit, who you are, all of us are equal. He is really trying very hard to create a school of students that really love to come to school to enjoy their studies instead of coming to school and fear what is above them (teachers, HOD, DM etc) but is still disciplined enough to know what is right from wrong. I am not a Catholic myself so I don’t really know the extact story but I promise I will find out more about this. Just 1 day before Jesus died on the cross, he gathered all his disciple and he washed their feet. Isn’t that what you really see today?

I have a friend who feedback to me saying my blog has a serious “look” with all its blog posts like this… haha well my friend, I will try to make them more “fun” 🙂