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Meaning Chinese Phrase

I was looking at this chinese show and I heard a very meaning phrase…

那就是乐于做个墙头草, 风往哪吹往哪倒。

Anyway I reformatted my laptop 3 times. =.=

Last day of "Bai Nian"

For most chinese, every year we will go “拜年” ( Bai Nian ) which means visit relatives and some things.. I am not too sure.. haha I am from the younger era de…. Not sure whats all these things are about.

Chinese New Year also known as  Lunar New Year happens roughly at January or February as for year 2008, the year of rat, it happens  in February.  All things went the same for me but for the 3rd day… ( 初三), I go to my coach house and visit him and his parents… though he is not married but also give us Hong Bao.. haha… Play “Bun Luk” with Coach Xin Ru and the dealer and after that Coach Xue… Jasper and Jowen was sitting beside and and yea… they give me a lot of luck.. haha… minimum bet of $2 le….. Though they give me luck, i still lost money after that… I lost around $8 I think… but haha had so much fun..

After that, Jaryl came but I left to find my friends.. We went to watch Kung Fu Dunk by Jay Chou… okay lah… didn’t really like the movie le…Reach home at around 3am.