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Using Windows Explorer as a FTP client

Recently I have been talking to Kiat Siang on some of the things we are doing and he questioned me on how we could use “Windows Explorer” to access the FTP. Interesting he is not the first to ask me that question. Though its easy but often overlooked. Made this quick guide on how one can do so.


Step 1 : Open up File Explorer and click on the address bar.






Step 2: Type in the ftp address, remember to prefix it with the ftp protocol.







Step 3: After it went in, right click on the content area and select Login As…











Step 4 : Login dialog will appear, type in your ftp username and ftp password

.com / .net / .org / .biz / .info

As i listed, those are a few famous top level domains (tld)

.com = communication / community ( both is what i commonly heard but no one know the extact one)
.net = network
.org = organization
.biz = business
.info = information

Someone ever asked me is there a main difference between them? I will say no. For you to find a non-organization to be using a .org domain, for a non-informative site to be using a .info domain can easily be found.

So I can just register any that I like if I want?

Of course you can but actually I have a personal preference which I want to share with you, if you are opening a website ( lets say a blog service site ), you got a domain and you got very famous… If you do not own ( its .com domain ), you might be losing out as you are losing the traffic to the .com. Good websites often travel by the words of mouth or by human’s memory. They may only remember your website as freeblogservice but not sure if it is .com or .net… Instinctly, they will choose the .com domain. Why? I think it may be because the first website a human ever encounter is always .com

There are a lot of websites that their website is base on other .tld but they own or buy over the .com of the name. – a web tutorial website which base their website on .net also own its .com where it will redirect to the .com

That is one good example which is on the top of my brain now.

But, note that I am not saying that it is not good or bad to have a website without its .com.


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