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SugarDe-Rush : Reducing the sugar intake (Project by students from HCI)

For the past 4 months, I have the fortune to be working with 4 brillant students, Glen Mun, Joseph Zhao, Sean Tay, Yong Zhi, from Hwa Chong Institution. They are working on a project called Sugar De-Rush. The aim of it is to raise awareness, educate the young and cultivate good habits. They came up with resource package which consists of workshops to Ai Tong Primary School, Information Card, Brochure, Windows Phone 7 Mobile Application.








I am glad that I have the chance to work with this group of young, determined and energetic guys on this project on their website and Windows Phone 7 mobile application and providing some inputs/feedback to their project along the way.

Their finals is on this Friday. All the best to you guys!

Some pictures of them working/playing.





































































































An extract from the website:
“We are a group of students from Hwa Chong Institution who are doing a project called Sugar De-Rush. The problem of high sugar intake among Singaporeans is a pertinent one. Research conducted shows that children consume more sugar than recommended. Project Sugar De-rush aims to raise awareness of the dangers of high sugar intake and educate children aged 9 to 12 years old to monitor their eating habits. We hope to cultivate a good habit in them when they are young so as to prevent them from suffering from diseases in the future. This alarming problem needs to be addressed and our project is a resource package to help raise awareness of the dangers of high sugar intake.”

Below is the interview they had with Dr. Kelvin Tan, Vice-President of Diebetic Society on why sugar is bad.

All the best to SugarDe-Rush!

Toddler and the mother

I was sms my friend about something and we had a little “exchange”. I thought it might be “meaningful”.

A: I felt like a toddler who lost his parents on the streets and lost the way home.
B: Its painful. Very painful ba?
A: Needless to say. Hope I can grow up and find my way home.
B: But when the mother found the toddler, why did the toddler do things to make the mother angry and walk away from him?
A: Cos the mother abandon him.
B: Have you ever think what will happen to the toddler when he grow up without a proper mother?
A: A man with no idea of what he’s doing.
B: Glad that you know. If the mother comes back and “scolds” the toddler, don’t do things to make the mother angry again but tell the mother what he feel.
A: The mother wouldn’t understand.
B: Never try, never know.
A: Let fate decide.
B: The toddler must give chances to let fate come and decide. Not push it away.

I truly respect…

I truly respect…Jack Neo ( 梁智强) 新加坡著名电影人, a famous director in Singapore who has produce of good movies like I Not Stupid, I Not Stupid 2, Money Not Enough.

A lot of directors/people in Singapore said that Singapore Movies cannot gain its audience overseas (冲向海外). This may be a fact but people who says this never do anything to change the situation but take a look at Jack Neo, he tried again and again to make his movie known in other countries. I truly respect his effort. Yes, it may be 1 man effort and lets see ….. 1 out of 4 million Singapore total population. Take a look on his blog post here. He tried and failed, tried and failed until he finally succeeded. I am not generalizing all people but lets be proud that we have a “Made in Singapore” product and not when your in Singapore, you say that the movie is good and great (following the trend / 有牛学牛, 有羊学羊, 哈哈) but when you go overseas, you said this movie sucks or whatsoever. You must be proud of the “Made in Singapore”

I truly respect you.