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Office Excel – CONCAT Function

Microsoft releases new iterations of Microsoft Office suite every three years for desktop and Microsoft Office 365 is the subscription based cloud version of their Office software. Earlier in 2016, Microsoft released the 2016 edition of Office and some updates to Office 365 which added new features in Excel. Some very useful functions like the CONCAT and TEXTJOIN functions are added which make concatenating or joining text very easier with multiple cells or strings in your spreadsheet. These functions are only available in the latest Office 2016 desktop installation and Office 365 subscription. To show these new functions, here is the Excel CONCAT and TEXTJOIN function tutorial. I am breaking them into 2 different tutorials for ease of access.

Through the Office Excel CONCAT function, you can connect two or more text in different cells in your spreadsheet. When you connect two text, they are just joined together with no separation or space between them. Here is the tutorial on how to use Excel CONCAT function:

The format of the Excel CONCAT function is:
CONCAT(text1, text2, … , textN)

Where “text1” is the first string or cell and “textN” is the nth string or cell which you want to concatenate.

  1. In your Excel spreadsheet, see which cells or strings you want to concatenate.
  2. Then select a cell where you want to display the concatenated text.
  3. For example, in this following example spreadsheet, we want to concatenate the text in cells A11 through D11 and we want to display the output in cell F11.
  4. Select the cell F11 and enter the CONCAT function in the formula bar above the spreadsheet:
  5. =CONCAT(A11,B11,C11,D11)

  6. After entering the function, you will see the result in cell F11:
  7. Excel Concat

    Excel Concat

  8. As you can see in the example, the data in cells A11 through D11 is now concatenated in cell F11 and there are no spaces between the text.
  9. You can do this with numbers as well, like in the result shown in cell F12:
  10. Excel Concat

    Excel Concat

  11. If you enter a cell in the function which is empty, the function will not show anything from that cell in the output:
  12. Excel Concat

    Excel Concat

  13. You can also directly add a string in the function, as shown in the following example:
  14. Excel Concat

    Excel Concat

You can view more Office Excel Tutorials in the link too!

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 – Creating a video with Powerpoint

*Found this post sitting in my draft. Its been there for more than 5 months. Since its been done up, I don’t see a reason why I should delete it. Should just post it out. 🙂

Recently I was asked by a teacher from one of the Singapore School Clusters on how do we create a video using Microsoft Powerpoint 2010. Teachers want to use the feature so that they can create a video for their class. I thought it will be interesting to share how do we go about doing it since i found no clear resource on how we can do this online.

I created this screencast hoping to assist people on how to create a video from powerpoint in Powerpoint 2010

Note: You can record narrations into the video and laser pointer as well.

You can download the sample file here:

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact me at

Do visit Tutorials page for more tutorials!

BingMapsDirectionsTask – Getting driving / walking directions

I was revisiting my old projects and reflecting on how I could improve on those products. I didn’t realised that there are so much we can do with the new Windows Phone APIs! I was looking at the MSDN’s Microsoft.Phone.Tasks Namespace and found out that there is a Bing Maps Direction Task Class now!

The first thing I thought of was the Green App project which I did during codeXtremeApps 2010 Its a Windows Phone 7 project where we direct our users to the nearest recyling bin around Singapore for them to recyle their waste product. There are more functions which I will not elaborate on here. I will be updating my project/portfolio page soon! I was playing with the Bing Maps Direction Task API just this afternoon. Thought it will be useful to post a tutorial on how to use it. 🙂 Should you face with any problems, feel free to contact me via the Contact Me form or email me at

Step 1 : Adding using Microsoft.Phone.Tasks and using System.Device.Location into references.

Bing Maps Directions Task 1 - Adding Reference

Bing Maps Directions Task 2 - Adding namespace

Step 2 :  Adding the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks and System.Device.Location into the project

Bing Maps Directions Task 3 - Adding namespace

Step 3 : Initialize a BingMapsDirectionsTask and create a start and end LabeledMapLocation . Note that start is optional. Should you not provide start location, the API will use the current location by default.

At the end of it, .Show() it and it will show the map.

BingMapsDirectionsTask Direction = new BingMapsDirectionsTask();

LabeledMapLocation start = new LabeledMapLocation(“Hougang Ave 4 919 Singapore , Singapore”, null);
LabeledMapLocation end = new LabeledMapLocation(“Paya Lebar Air Base, Singapore”, null);

Direction.Start = start;
Direction.End = end;


You can download a usage demostration of the class here. Source code included.

Please note that this is written for WP7.1

Bing Map Direction Task Demo Source Code Screenshot

Bing Map Direction Task Demo Source Code Screenshot

P.S: These 2 classes caught my attention, when I have some spare time, I will look into if I will be able to use it in my Slime Sweeper 2! ShareLinkTask class and Share Status Task Class!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the contact form, comment or email me at

Do check out the tutorial page too!

Missing sln from solution explorer in Visual Studio

Recently, i had a very interesting problem with my colleague, we were unable to see the sln file in his Visual Studio 2010’s Solution Explorer. He was unable to add another project into the solution. We tried to open and close the solutions and alot different ways….

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 1

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 1

Apparently, what we have to do is just to go into Tools > Options in Visual Studio and go into Projects and Solutions and select General. There is an option called “Always show solution“. Check it and save and you will see your solution file!

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 2

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 2

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 3

Missing sln file in Solution Explorer - 3

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the contact form, comment or email me at

Do check out the tutorial page too!

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 – Inserting Offline Video

One of the good things in Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 is the ability to insert offline and online videos into your powerpoint presentation easily. Do look at this if you are wondering how to achieve it.

One of the common questions are what are the different format available,

Note Videos in the .mp4, .mov, and .qt formats can be played in PowerPoint
if the Apple QuickTime player is installed.

File format Extension More information
Adobe Flash Media .swf Flash Video This file format is generally used to deliver video over the Internet using the Adobe Flash Player.
Windows Media file .asf Advanced Streaming Format This file format stores synchronized multimedia data and can be used to stream audio and video content, images, and script commands over a network.
Windows Video file .avi Audio Video Interleave This is a multimedia file format for storing sound and moving pictures in Microsoft Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF) format. It is one of the most common formats because audio or video content that is compressed with a wide variety of codecs (codec: An abbreviation for compressor/decompressor. Software or hardware used to compress and decompress digital media.) can be stored in an .avi file.
Movie file .mpg or .mpeg Moving Picture Experts Group This is an evolving set of standards for video and audio compression developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group. This file format was designed specifically for use with Video-CD and CD-i media.
Windows Media Video file .wmv Windows Media Video This file format compresses audio and video by using the Windows Media Video codec (codec: An abbreviation for compressor/decompressor. Software or hardware used to compress and decompress digital media.), a tightly compressed format that requires a minimal amount of storage space on your computer’s hard disk.

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these products.

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