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Pokemon and Marina Night

In my previous post, I forget one of the events that happen during the week. The night we went out with MJC’s Wushu Team ( Dewu wushu one as well ) to eat at Marina Bay. I was still sick that day so I cannot eat much. I must avoid seafood and chicken as they will worsen my cough.

I met at Hong Wei’s house after my sleep that day and later went to Hougang MRT to take the train. ( Both of us were sick ) On the train, I was telling him that we need to get drinks from PS because drinks at Marina is expensive and we did so. We are not sure to “come out” from the NE line side or red line South so we went up at at red line side and apparently, it was wrong and we have to walk to PS from there. Eh.. As we walk there, a woman suddenly hold Hong Wei’s hand and say a bunch of things me and Hong Wei don’t understand ( it is English but she speaks too fast ) then she said “you one dollar and you ( pointing to me ) one dollar is enough” then I open my wallet find no one dollar so I told Hong Wei about it. Hong Wei just gave her 2 dollars and she gave Hong Wei a bookmark. On the way to PS, Hong Wei said. “This type for charity, never mind de lah, its only $2.”. When he said this, I suddenly got very interested in the bookmark and I read all of it and suddenly, I saw one line. ” This is not for charity “. I was like oh dear, haha. I gave Hong Wei and tell him to have a look. I was laughing about it. Later we bought a drink and take train to Marina Bay.

When we alight, we saw Timothy and we avoided him in an unusual way. Instead of avoiding him by taking the escalator, we took the lift. Haha, it was fun for that moment. Later we met up with Yi Liang and 2 other person and we went to eat. Took bus 27 and we were eating there. The food is nice but I cannot eat much.

Later we went to the Arcade and played. I lost in the first match of the car race. Second race is me, Yi Liang and Hong Wei playing. They were leading all the while ( I never got the chance to overtake them) then during the last 10 seconds, both of them crashed together and I took the lead. Haha I won that match. Anyay later we went back home. That night was fun.


As I promise, some of my pokemons





I will make a movie on how to catch Mew when I restart the game. 🙂