Eww… today

Today is a long day… wah…

Woke up in the morning at 6.30am due to alarm clock then I remembered I only have to reached Bukit Batok at 9.15am. Basicially, if I leave my house at 8am. I can still reached there in time.

Anyway, I just slack and like half asleep until like 7.45am then decided to go down and wait for bus. I performing spear so well I bring spear there. I hate bringing spear in the morning de… While taking 88, on the way down the bus, my spear hit a lady’s head then she stare at me. Eh…. Anyway reached Bukit Batok’s mac.

I called Coach and he said, just do a Teng Kong Feng Jiao and you will see me. I close my eye and imagine then i open my eyes. I saw his car coming… =.=….. Me and one RP guy board the car and wait then Chang Heng came. We then went to this secondary school call Chestnut Secondary School to perform. There should be 2 other RP guys coming. Warm up a bit and talked a lot then about 5 minutes before the performance, they arrived. I was surprised when I saw Yi Qing.. haha ok la… then they get changed “on the spot” ( mai siao siao… they damn on de lor… haha ) then went up… once we step up yo the backstage, it seems like we are a bit … “late” then Coach Zhou just delay a bit by giving introduction.

Started performing… Nan Quan, Broadsword, Spear, Nine-section whip, Chang Quan… alright la.. all of us aren’t performing up to standard lor.. haha all got shi wu… including chang heng… haha. Ying Qing jump is really getting higher and higher… spinning also faster and faster… haha your routine not bad la. haha. Slacked around, talked then Ying Qing keep telling me he wanted to join High Jump. haha. Went down to JP with Coach Xue and Coach Zhou and the rest then we went mac to eat without the coaches.. Talked AGAIN and slacked in mac…. All just clicked so well althought Chang Heng first time meet them. Then called Yaode, wanted to go to town to find him but he’s like not free.. :(.

Me and Chang Heng then discussed about the website thingy then I went to the library and read up about PHP again… from about 1.30pm to 5.30pm. Went to eat and then at night went to coach xue’s house again… but to discuss about another website.

The meeting at night was really long and I met Hong Wei after like so long…He knows who is timothy chan kiwi le…. haha… then went to eat… its really a tiring day lor…