Until the day I die

I love this song so does Hong Wei. Until the day I die by Story of the year.

This song has some meaningful lyrics which is very related to my wushu but anyway I was just curious so I went to ask some of my friend. If I am going to die tomorrow, what will you do to me today? I post some of their answers here.

I will make today the best day of your life. – Ibrahim

I will make your die today – Song Wei

I will get you to write a will and give me all your money – Jasmond

I will bring you to places you like to go most – Nicholas Lee

Like I said, part of the lyrics are really meaningful.

As years go by
I race the clock with you
But if you died right now
You know that I’d die to
I’d die too

Well make the same mistakes
I’ll Take the fall for you
I hope you need this now
cuz I know I still do.

We made the same mistakes
mistakes like friends do,
my hands are at your throat
and I think I hate you
we made the same mistakes.

What will you do if I really die?