Happy Birthday Guo Hong.

I should start with something sad before I proceed on to the happy stuffs. Ever since my auntie died, I never celebrated my birthday though if “punches” from classmates count… She is very good to me yet she died on October 10th which happens to be a Chinese Mooncake day that day when I was Primary 4. She has high blood pressure and she just fell down after mopping the floor. I never celebrated any of my birthday since then…. Never. One is that no one cares, second is that it makes me think of her. Its quite sad but today ( or rather yesterday[ 10th July ] at around 10pm {2 hours from 11th July} ). I had a very very fun celebration with the Wufang guys.

It was just normal on that day but Melissa suddenly phoned me in the afternoon asking if I will go Wufang. It wasn’t abnormal but just weird and when I reached Wufang, bags are all there yet no one are there. No soccer but they aren’t playing Basketball either. Only Hao Meng sitting there so I chat with him but I do know that they may be in the toilet but I never suspect anything though. I was just , oh ya…. all in toilet.

Normal stuffs……. basketball warm up, Ti Tui, Routine, Ti Ne. ( Speaking of this, my left leg keep getting hit by my spear, something is very very wrong, I must go and change my movement and when I am doing my whole routine, my left leg went numb after getting hit….. )

Yao De then suggest we play game after the Ti Ne ( actually is before but haha )…. It wasn’t unusual as well. Then Jaryl went missing…. I told Yao De why he so… “bu zai de” ( Not on ) then I think Yao De said something like never mind. I am not sure what happen right after then suddenly we are scattered then Jaryl called me ( one of the guy I trusted most in Wufang ), I turn around. 2 water bags hit me, well…. I thought it was part of the “game” they are playing so I just chased after Jaryl….. ( ok his speed is quite fast to be honest ). Then I see Coach Xue holding on to a BAG ( I repeat… its a BAG ) of water bags are keep throwing at me. I sense something is wrong but I have no time to think. Waterbags are flying everywhere so I really have to avoid. I got hit until the point where I think it will be better to stand there and avoid. Wanted to throw back at them badly but I can’t find any waterbags…….. Found some in the end though. Got one/two hits from 2nd floor which was pretty strongly-powered. Just when I thought it was going to end, I saw Jaryl holding on to a waterbag behind his back and walking around. I went to “hug” him trying to get it back but to no avail but he missed that hit at me anyway HAHA.

Kai Lun got a few hit from me
Jaryl got hit somehow once from me during the mess ( He is good at running )
Cannot find Yao De they all to hit… and I cannot throw at the children and girls.

Then they said there is a cake, ok sung the birthday song in 2 languages and make a wish which I hope can come true, its hard but I am certain we can do it. Saw Hao Meng and Jaryl plotting something and it reminds me of Li Jun’s birthday so I blew the candles from another side.

This is the picture of the cake….. My website link is printed on it! HAHA

After that, got the birthday presents from Jin Hong which is what the Wufang’s people spend together…. I love them a lot and got the book from coach Vincent with his blessings inside. These are them

I really enjoy this day a lot!

Thanks ( in no order at all )

Yao De
Jin Hong
Kai Lun
Hao Meng
Jun An
Zhe Wei
Ren Zoe
Lin Jun
Coach Vincent
Coach Xin Ru
Coach Quek
Coach Xue

and thanks to all who shared the present money. I REALLY love them.

Kudos to Wufang!!!