Badminton, Lessons, Recovered, Beijing, Naruto, Pokemon!

I am condensing what have been happening for the last 1 week into this pitiful post.

As I said in my previous blogpost, I was sick. In fact very sick. Yao De sms’ed me saying the Badminton which was supposed to be on 3rd June is cancelled because they did not managed to book the court or whatever thing, I forget. So I didn’t care about it anymore then suddenly on 2nd Jun, he sms’ed me saying the Badminton is on again. Oh dear, I am very sick that day and I know I cannot make it on 3rd June. I missed it. At least my badminton’s skill isn’t too bad. I know Bing Han, Coach Xin Ru, Jaryl, Yao De was there. I am not sure about the rest.

We had lessons from Monday to Friday on our second week on the holidays. It is from 8.30am in the morning to 3.30pm in the afternoon. As i was sick, the 5 days were like 5 months. Madam Tang has been very good to us by buying us sweets and stuffs for us to bite on during the lessons. Kudos to her. After 5 days in pain, I finally recovered on Saturday, not really recover but….

On Thursday, I went to Changi Airport to send the Wufang’s people off. I went there then I know a lot people are going to Beijing. Jaryl ( I already know actually ), Binghan, Coach Xin Ru, Ren Zoe, Brian, the 3 men of Saturday class ( I know them but don’t know their names ), the 3 brothers who always stare at me ( I know their name but cannot spell ), Wayne, Danielle ( Did I spell it right?), Messlia.

Me, Yao De and Gim Hong met up at 8.30pm at “Changi Control Station” ( In fact its MRT’s control station). I was there pretty earyl at T1 so i went around and saw Hao Ming at T2 with his parents at Burger King. Waited and walked around then GIm Hong and Yao De arrived at around 9.00pm. We later met up with Jaryl and Bing Han and wondered about and finally settle down at Burger King to eat. I helped them with the cutting of ribbons and finally they went to meet up with the rest of the Wufang’s students. The coach is giving out new wufang shirt that is in red for those going Beijing and ask us to assist. Me and Gim Hong got one for ourself and was told to put it on. So we did. Live them out and waited until all the teams are ready to check in. Coach Xin Ru’s group is the earliest followed by Bing Han’s then Jaryl’s and lastly Ling Jun ( Ar… actually they went in with Coach Xin Ru already. ) The checking in process is long and finally they went in at around 12.30am. Reached home that day at around 2.15am. I will certainly missed them during tomorrow’s training and I hope they will be back with new skills. It feels so bad that I am at Changi and cannot go with them. At that place, I also get to know Coach Xue’s uncle. ( Wu Gong something).

I got addicted to Naruto Shippuden after watching it, thanks for Jaryl. The show was so nice and I finished all 17 Episode within 3 days. I can’t wait for the 18th which will be released on the 21st of June. I finally know where the name Uchiha Itachi came from. Anyway they are bad. I admire Gaara but the title of the 17th is Gara’s Death. Will the Granny save him in the end? The Granny is also so cool. I want neither to die. For those who wants to watch, you can go to

I was addicted to Pokemon Yellow lately. For those knows me well. You do know that I am finding them and finally I got hold to a computer version of this. I just watch Mew with a cheat. This is one of my screenshot of it. I will post more when I get the chance to.

Thanks for reading it. Good night. 🙂