Wufang Grading

I went there as usual to Wufang today and wasn’t hoping to play basketball anyway. Once I reach there, I saw a few of my group’s students practising non-stop and most people who are usually late are early. Hao Ming then later went back without knowing there is no lesson today. Haha. I then sit around and look at how they do their routine.

Yao De then arrived and told me about he got a high fever the night before and couldn’t sleep well and things like that then slack around soon he sitted down beside me and I asked him how come Jaryl and Bing Han not here then as soon as I said that Jaryl came scrolling in. “Call Cao Cao, Cao Cao come”. It appears that he is sick and he said he turned skinny. I didn’t notice it until he show us his muscle then he said he keep having fever… and that link me back to Yao De…. Haha

Later, the class was gathered and they are training their routine at the basketball court while the grading is done INSIDE the hall with all the gates closed so basically we cannot see anything inside anymore. I was “looking after” the spear group and tell some of them what to do and what not to do ( although I am not a teacher but haha, all were based on my experience of my jin sai spear for the last 3 years ). Did some work for coach and trained Xuan Feng Jiao. Bing Han helped me a lot in the Xuan Feng Jiao like carrying me up and stuffs. The height isn’t as high as Hong Wei’s but the spinning is damn fast and the feeling is damn great ( even better than Hong Wei’s) . I still have that feeling but lets see if I can attain it again.

Soon, it was the turn of the spear group to perform, there was around 12 people with Wufang’s Hong Wei being the last to be graded. I stayed inside the hall with Jaryl ( he had been sitting in the hall since the start of the grading ). He told me to get a chair but I didn’t and I stand there and talked with him until my legs went really tired and decided to steal a chair from outside haha. Talked to him about some wushu stuffs and…. some other stuffs… and very quickly, all finished their routine. It was supposed that Jaryl should do it but he didn’t do the routine in the end. HAHA. Basically, all did very well today ( for the spear group ). Small mistakes here and there but overall, it is good.

Went to eat with Zhe Wei and the gang and took some photos here and there.

Young, handsome and cute Zhe Wei

Me and Him.

There are still some other photos but they are quite blur, I shall upload it to my gallery next time.

Again, Kudos to all people who did well today!